When Death Ceases To Come
Since the 11th century, when the first certificate, proof of Armenians existence on Romanian soil, the Armine’s people found solace on these lands whenever tragedies occurred.
Armine began her work of research and adaptation of her father’s prose in her second year at The National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography when she made a documentary based on the chapter The Will of Hartin Fringhian from the worldwide awarded novel The Book of Whispers by Varujan Vosganian. This short story is inspired by true events, Hartin Fringhian being the most important character in the sugar industry in Romania. He was a genocide survivor who had the means to run from Anatolia when the forced recruitment in the Ottoman Empire began. Hartin knew that all Armenians recruits are being killed, so he fled to Romania.
Fortune smiled on him as a boat full of sugar shipwrecked near Constanta port and all bags of sugar was considered to be useless. Hartin took them and succeeded to make candies out of them and so began his journey.
This film follows Hartin’s steps on his second journey. The one in which he loses again, everything, this time not because of the Ottomans, but because of Communism in Romania. This time, he doesn’t want to flee.
  • Production: UNATC
  • Year: 2013
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Romania
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