The Lovage Bundle
A review of the post-revolution coal miners’ oppression of the students who have rebelled against the new socialist system.
After twenty years, a woman confronts her most profound wound, a wound of the Romanian people yet to heal.
What an achievement – a really accomplished piece of work.
The understated treatment contributes a genuine intensity to the relationship between the actors – the easy route would have been to indulge retribution and confrontation.
The strength lies in the story being firmly anchored in contemporary history – there are echoes of Costa Gavras’ ‘Z’ and the 1968 Russian invasion of Hungary to suppress a liberal regime and of course Tienaman Square.
Films like this go to the core of independent film making – they are about socio political realities events that have both public and intensely personal resonances.
Shooting 16mm, B&W , cold colour controlled camera it all works well together.
A treat to watch and experience. Andrew Speller on “Lovage Bundle”, Cinematographer