STUFF is the first short film Armine has directed at London Film School. This was not her first black and white film, but it was definitely the first project in which she couldn’t use film lighting. This exercise was all about finding solutions quick and tell the story in a cinematic way, in the same time.
Each student wrote a script and the final project to become reality was voted. STUFF.
When Armine first wrote it, she was nineteen, in the second semester at Film Directing and Theatre Acting at National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, the biggest film and theatre center in Romania. The story was set in the seventies, showing a young woman preparing for a date and her apparently failed encounter. She would go and watch the man waiting in the park, on the bench, for her. When realising that he’d been dumped, he would leave the flower he brought for her on the bench, like he knew she would come eventually. As she did. She would take the flowers and embrace them in her intimate bedroom instead of a human being.
At London Film School, Armine’s character grew older and more complex based on the same interior conflict.
The profound issue of these characters was that they cannot interact with the opposite sex anymore and needed some external object to approach sexually into her imagination. To generalize the older character’s incapacity, Armine chose for her to follow random men and choose someone special, eventually.
  • Production: London Film School
  • Date of Production: 2015
  • Original Language: English
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United Kingdom
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