In a day, Clara and Anghel confront their limits. A love story set in a contemporary Bucharest.
The making of Lilith
The process of this short film began in my second year of Film Directing and Theatre Acting at the National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest. I wrote a short about this beautiful woman who pays men to rape her. I haven’t developed the story and further as I thought I still have a lot to learn.
In my third term of London Film School, I had the opportunity to produce a documentary on BDSM and I had a glimpse of this whole new world which I am still a little bit afraid of. I realized that the character I portrayed in my story might work, so I decided to pursue the story.
I thank all my cast and crew for their support and creativity. Thank you Cosmina Stratan, Marian Olteanu, Dorin Andone and Costel Cascaval for putting your faith in Lilith.
Both trainings, UNATC and LFS have brought me here. With this co-production, I wanted to make a bridge between to culture realms, the Romanian and the cosmopolitanism of London. This short film shows, with the help of Director of Photography Matei Șopterean, a darker, yet beautiful side of nowadays Bucharest.
Set around Christmas, characters both young and elder have to confront their flaws and true desires. This film proposes new conflicts which have not been developed in Romanian drama yet and opens a door to a new world.
  • Date of Production: 2017
  • Original Language: Romanian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Genre: Drama short film
  • Country: United Kingdom, Romania
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