Into MyGong Slef

A complex show where music, dance and sculpture guide you through a cathartic experience.
This event reminds us of the archetypal meaning the performances can have, where different arts are combined in one ritual for the audience.
The people participating get in touch with symphonic gongs, quartz and Tibetan bowls, Romanian and Inca flutes and many more, along with contemporary dance and bronze sculptures.
Into My Gong Self is an interactive project, at the border of live music, sounding sculptures, performance, ritual and meditation, a challenge both for the artists and the audience to experiment the archetypal trans-realism.
This new aesthetic and spiritual movement, founded by Mihaela Vosganian along with Armine, reinvents performance and installation by the rebirth of ancient goal of art: ritual, catharsis and healing.
This spiritual journey takes around 50 minutes and it’s facilitated by the sculpture installation by the artist Raluca Ghideanu. It is formed out of bronze sculpture that sound, becoming integrated with the other ritual instruments: the gongs, the crystal bowls and traditional drums and flutes.
These statues are halves of feminine bodies dressed in red and black stripes, which symbolize life, the prisons we live in, and the continuous search for wholeness.
Music and concept: Mihaela Vosganian
Choreography concept and performer: Liliana Iorgulescu
Sculpture Installation: Raluca Ghideanu
Music Performers: Mihaela Vosganian, Armine Vosganian
Living sculpture: Raluca Ghideanu
Lights: Andrei Cristian Vladescu
Into myGong Self project has developed into a theatrical show and music video.
Made possible in partnership with:
Ministry of Culture
Romanian Cultural Institute
George Enescu Festival
National Center of Dance
Meridian Festival
National University of Music Bucharest