THE LOWER DEPTHS [or A Night’s Lodging] portrays a lodging house, hideous and foul, where gather the social derelicts — the thief, the gambler, the ex-artist, the ex-aristocrat, the prostitute. All of them had at one time an ambition, a goal, but because of their lack of will and the injustice and cruelty of the world, they were forced into the depths and cast back whenever they attempted to rise. They are the superfluous ones, dehumanized and brutalized.
No stronger indictment than The Lower Depths is to be found in contemporary literature of our perverse civilization that condemns thousands — often the very best men and women — to the fate of the Vaskas and Anyas, doomed as superfluous and unnecessary in society. And yet, they are necessary, aye, they are vital, could we but see beneath the veil of cold indifference and stupidity to discover the deep humanity, the latent possibilities in these lowliest of the low. If within our social conditions they are useless material, or vicious and detrimental to the general good, it is because they have been denied opportunity and forced into conditions that kill their faith in themselves and all that is best in their natures.
The so-called depravity and crimes of the derelicts are fundamentally the depravity and criminal anti-social attitude of Society itself that first creates the underworld and, having created it, wastes much energy and effort in suppressing and destroying the menacing phantom of its own making — forgetful of the elemental brotherhood of man, blind to the value of the individual, and ignorant of the beautiful possibilities inherent in even the most despised children of the depths.

From the very first lines, it’s easy to guess what show are we talking about. Lower Depths by Maxim Gorki. But this new scenography, completely unknown for the audience, flips our perspective, refreshing this play which was staged so many times. They are young, they’ve just graduated and nothing stands in their involvement and wish of performing.

Cristina Rusiecki, Revista Cultura

Lower Depths is a show filled on anthological moments and deserves support and continuity. The energy and enthusiasm this company performs with ought to be praised, as well as their courage.

Alexa Visarion, Film and theatre director

”Azilul” este un spectacol cu momente antologice, care merită susținut și continuat. Trebuie apreciate energia și entuziasmul cu care tânăra trupă joacă, precum și curajul lor.”

Alexa Visarion, regizor

”În contextul actual al vieții culturale bucureștene, o inițiativă de felul proiectului RAMPA este nu numai oportună, ci și esențialmente necesară. Sunt actori excepționali, cu un mare potențial de dezvoltare, iar faptul că au spirit întreprinzător este o dovadă în plus că demersul lor profesional și antreprenorial are toate șansele de a aduce beneficiu comunității. Recomand deci, cu toată căldura acest proiect și invit pe toți cei care îl pot susține să o facă fără rezerve.”

Radu Gabriel, actor

”Compania RAMPA este un fenomen proaspăt și îmbucurător în peisajul teatrului românesc contemporan. I-am văzut la lucru și mi se pare cu totul remarcabil ce fac. Îi recomand tuturor celor care îi pot susține în demersul lor romantic și profesionist.”

Cristian Tudor Popescu, scriitor

”Lupta pentru supraviețuire, abuzul de putere, abrutizarea, sunt câteva dintre temele asupra cărora se apleacă montarea inovatoare a tinerilor artiști (”Azilul”), adaptată a la drama vérité.”

Revista Yorick

  • Year: 2017
  • Production: Rampa
  • Original Language: Romanian
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: Romania
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