Ascending Lotus

Ascending Lotus

In its final development, Ascending Lotus Portal is a multiple visionary, syncretical and innovating project, an approach of art as a whole which aims to be more than a show because it implies a specific space, a futuristic architecture challenge, a building in form of a sphere. It’s similar with the IMAX building in London, but the interior is structure on three floors and the exterior implies an arch of water.

We propose a partial development of the project during Meridian International Festival, organised by the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists, in a conventional venue, but one that can suggest through music, performance and video, the metaphore of the initiating journey of the awaken being in the Three Worlds -Trailokya-, a leit motif in shamanism, buddhism, kabbala, theosophy, but also in modern and transpersonal psychology.

During the performance of round 60 minutes, the audience is guided on a virtual spiral ascending growth, like the growth of the lotus flower, in this visual installation. They will contemplate their own inner states of mind according to these three healing levels:

  • First stop, signalised on the inferior level by reddish veils and webbs, connects us with the Underworld and fetal state, in which we are bathed in electronic and acousmatic gongs.
  • The second level is the performance of life music (soloist, gamelan ansemble) and video projection on stage video);
  • The last step of the ascension is the state of revelation in which the audience meet with the Creator, personified by two performers Yin/Yang. In the Meridian show, the audience will be guided on stage and the performers will play at the circle and the dancers will dance in the stalls.


Ascending Lotus

Trans-real journey opera – virtual & live performance/installation for experimental group of multi-performers, gamelan group, electronic medium, dance and video

Premiere in Meridian International Festival of contemporary music
(XVII edition)
12nd of November, 7 p.m.
Opera Studio of National University of Music, Bucharest

Music/concept: Mihaela Vosganian
Directed by Armine Vosganian
Choreography: Liliana Iorgulescu
Production Design: Diana Nistor, Raluca Ghideanu
Interart-Group International Group of Contemporary Music and Dance
Special guest: Barrie Webb (UK) conductor | trombone | didgeridoo
Ana Tarpagkos (Greece) – Flute | voice
Maria Chifu – Basoon | voice
Mihaela Vosganian – midi percussion | traditional percussion | voice
Sara Eslami – Setar | Tar
Fernando Mihalache – Accordeon
Radu Vâlcu – acoustic and electric guitar
Armine Vosganian – traditional percussion
Gamelan Jepun Bali Group
Dance student group National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography
Special guest: Dewi Pradnyani (Bali)
Călina Epuran – actress